Tallgrass Film Festival, October 20-23, 2011 in Downtown Wichita!

Tallgrass Film Festival from right here in little old Wichita, Kansas is the premier independent film festival in the Midwest.  And it is happening next weekend!

This is the ninth year it has been going on and it is a wonderful opportunity to see nationally known and up and coming artists and meet and talk to some of the film makers — and see their work on displayed on the big screen!  October 20-23 in downtown Wichita at venues all over.  You not only have the opportunity to see cool movies, but also have a chance to check out for perhaps the first time a cool venue you might never have been to or even knew was in downtown Wichita!  You probably have driven by the Scottish Rite Temple on 2nd Street half a million times.  But have you ever been inside, to the beautiful 1930s theater?  Or when was the last time you visited the remodeled and amazing Orpheum Theater almost next door?  It is truly splendid, and happens to have such lively extras and beautiful tile work, a ponderously high ceiling, and now of all things, a bar.  Yes a bar – so you can be just like John Travolota in Pulp Fiction and drink a beer (or whatever you prefer) at the movie.  Very European indeed, isn’t it?  They serve Tallgrass Beer, one of the festival’s sponsors no less!  Brewed in Manhattan, Kansas, imported just for you and me.

Last year one of the highlights for me was the closing night screening of Charlie Chaplin’s masterpiece The Kid set to music —- are you ready for this?  Set to music performed by local high school and college musicians, and CONDUCTED and WRITTEN by local composer and musician and all around great guy Arri Simon – I tried for three weeks afterwards to find him and ask him if he would give piano lessons until he moved back to New York City to no avail.  In addition to classics there are plenty of features for the whole family.  From weird and quirky, to funny, to family entertainment, with documentaries and everything in between.

And if you volunteer…..On Friday Oct 21 we will serve free NuWays and Root Beer in the volunteer lounge to all volunteers who want some!  Plus you get passes to see movies and a very cool tee shirt.  Plus you probably will receive a personal level of satisfaction for being cultural relevant — you can volunteer all year long for the ongoing events, or help out at the festival.

A small army of volunteer screeners work all year long to pick through literally thousands of submissions to filter out the best of the best, and the result is a massive undertaking to show some 45 feature length movies plus shorts, talks with artists, and this year, the festival honors the work of Elliot Gould who will be present for a screening of his new film THE ENCORE OF TONY DURAN on Friday Oct 21 at the Scottish Rite with a Q&A session with the artist.

Here is the full line up that you can refer to or print:


Official Site:


Here is the info from the site:

“2011 Tallgrass Film Festival

What: 9th Annual Tallgrass Film Festival
When: Oct. 20-23, 2011
Where: Various downtown Wichita locations including the Orpheum Theatre, Garvey Center, Wichita Scottish Rite, and Bank of America Center

Tallgrass Programmer Picks!

Our pre-screening and programming committees have worked long and hard watching more than 500 movies this year to bring you the best of new independent film from around the world. Here is a cross-section of programmer and staff picks — movies you can’t miss at the ninth annual Tallgrass Film Festival.

The full printed program can be found at locations throughout downtown Wichita and at the Tallgrass Central Box Office. For digital versions, visit the festival website or the festival mobile site.

Tickets & Passes may be purchased online or at the Central Box Office beginning on Monday, Oct. 17:

TFF Central Box Office Hours:

Mon., Oct. 17 to Wed., Oct. 19: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Tallgrass Offices (212 N. Market, 2nd Fl.)
Thu., Oct. 20: 8:45 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Orpheum Theatre
Fri., Oct. 21 to Sun., Oct. 23: 7:30 a.m. until last show at the Orpheum Theatre

Jeremy, 33, Project Manager
The King of Devil’s Island; Shut Up Little Man; Kumaré

Nick, 31, Dad/Aerospace Engineer (TFA Co-Director of Programming)
Just Like Us; The Greater Good; The Other F Word

John, Ageless (50+), Television Account Executive
12 Angry Lebanese; King of Devil’s Island; Kumaré

Art, 65, Special Effects/Photographer
The Bengali Detective; Tyrannosaur; Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Arietta, 49, Administrator (TFA Hospitality Director)
Child of Giants; 12 Angry Lebanese; Happy, Happy

Vaughn, 26, Movie Critic
Kumaré; Largo Winch; King of Devil’s Island

Tyler, 25, Law Student; Semi-professional Jayhawk Fan
Largo Winch; High School Filmmakers Program; Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

John, 44, Writer & Web Developer
Tyrannosaur; Kumaré; Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Joan, 48, Attorney
Wish Me Away; Out For The Long Run; Speak

Eric, 31, Councilman (TFA Senior Programmer)
Wish Me Away; Shut Up Little Man: An Audio Misadventure; The Sandman

Michael, 66, Therapist
Kumaré; Face to Face; The Redemption of General Butt Naked

Tina, 45, Advertising Account Executive
Leave Them Laughing; Tyrannosaur; The Redemption of General Butt Naked

Amy, 31, Community and Organizational Specialist
The Get Together shorts program; Bhopali; The Benghali Detective

Teddie, 50, Museum Curator
Kumaré; The Sandman; The Selling

Lela, 35, Mom/Chef (TFA Executive Director)
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice; The Sandman; Happy, Happy 

Jason, 29, Writer and Non-profit fundraiser
Wish Me Away; Circumstance; Face to Face

Shan, 52, Study Abroad & International Student Advisor (TFA Dir. Of Acquisitions)
Child of Giants; Elevate; Never Make It Home

Gretchen, 44, Marketing Director & TFA Co-Director of Programming
The Clean Bin Project; Flight to the Wall; Speak

Thane, 50, Sales Representative (TFA Director of Screenings)
The Encore of Tony Duran; Cure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story; How to Live Forever

Nick, 23, College Student (TFA Programming Intern)
Mangus!; Romeos; Joint Body

Mike, 38, Stay-At-Home-Dad (TFA Director of Technologies)
Never Make It Home; Out for the Long Run; Project Nim”


Get out and enjoy the show!

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