Don’t Miss Out on NuWay’s Groupon Offer!

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday NuWay was the featured deal at Groupon for Wichita!  There are still a few hundred left before we sell out.  The deal is buy $7 worth of store credit and get $14!  You can use it for any purchase at all five Wichita NuWays from now til April 18th.  Must be used on one visit, and not applicable to Sunday Specials (1/2 price Med NuWays are already a great deal right???) or the Monthly Special.  But it covers anything else on the menu!  Stay and dine in, carry out and take it home, or pull up to the drive thru window!  You can even buy frozen NuWays by the dozen to keep at home and pop in the microwave when the urge for a crumbly burger hits you!

Check out:

Thanks everyone who already bought theirs!  The Groupon people in Chicago said NuWay was one of the fastest sellers in the whole country!  Thanks for your support!

Hurry and get yours if you have not already!

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