Of Monarchs and Mums, Bees and Baseball

I thought I saw two weeks ago an itinerant Monarch heading south leisurely, or perhaps just ambling along, on the eponymous south wind of Kansas.  Today my friend said she witnessed virtual marches of them heading south.

The sun is coming up later, with some slight reduction in heat, and setting sooner.  It almost seemed a day ago or so that it was just dark too early.  Could it be?  So soon?

And last week my yoga teacher said she saw mums for sale in the grocery store parking lot.   Yesterday I saw them too.


What would summer be without those amazing bees!


And just as much, here in Wichita, without the NBC Tournament?


It is later summer now.  And fall is coming soon.


Late day sun in reds reflects

And later the waning crescent moons sets,

As the arc of the sky is filled with stars

Heat of the summer night gently fades,

Great soft billows of summer clouds

Now yield once again to fading insects buzz.

And soon the leaves begin to fall.




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