Delivery of paper and ink to the Wichita Eagle, 8-15-11

I went over to local hero Randy Croley’s woodworking shop to talk about cabinets and he was not there, but on the way back, I passed the Wichita Eagle.  And what did I see?  The BNSF locomotive dropping off three boxcars of paper and at least one of ink, and picking up an empty tank car for ink!

Here is the video:

Too bad the wind made such a hiss, in reality it was a lovely late summer evening with cicadas in the background and bugs hissing and just really a gentle breeze that the iphone microphone distorted in fuzz.  A pity.  You can still get cool old brick warehouses and flashing lights and that wonderful train horn (probably announcing to me – do NOT get near these tracks when we come by) and a few passing cars and the streetlight’s glare.

Pretty cool I think.  How could you live or work downtown near Old Town or the Eaton or Commerce Street and “not” love trains?

I hope they bring back train service to Wichita and speed it up from here to DFW and Austin and north to KC and Chicago.  How wonderful would that be?

One Response to “Delivery of paper and ink to the Wichita Eagle, 8-15-11”

  1. Jane

    One of my favorite sounds is that of a train whistle…loved it in the video. Very loud and clear.
    Lilly (the dog) took notice, too.
    It would be great fun to take a train trip again. Hope Wichita can get something going.