Wichita State University videos from 7-24-11

A dear friend’s mother who was also a friend and patron and big fan of local food passed away suddenly and her memorial was this last weekend.  Even after the beautiful service, I felt quite low.  I went out to WSU and shot four videos.  Two of the moving sculpture by George Rickey near the […]

LIV Music Fest in Downtown — Saturday Night Recap

Hi All, Seems like that last video was pretty popular, so for those of you who like a little bit more subdued music, here is Hot Club of Cowtown, from good old Austin “Keep Austin Weird” Texas.  They are a wonderful little three piece with violin, guitar, and bass.  They played right up until the […]

LIV Music Fest in downtown Wichita!

Here is a little video of my favorite band playing live around Wichita and pretty much just in general.  They are just amazing.  Spirit of the Stairs: The audio drops off a couple times, I guess because the wall of sound got the best of the little iphone and it cut out recording?  Here is […]

New neon sign at the West Douglas NuWay!

Here is the latest and greatest application of our new logo.  The old logo sign from the 1980s was weathered and dated and we just had the sign company finish the re-fresh!  Take a look: Photos were taken last night about dusk, one with the sun on the sign, and the other in the shadows […]

Thoughts on train travel, or, Chicago and the Food Show

I was just at the National Restaurant Assoc Food Show in Chicago.  I stayed with an old friend; even though we planned decently well, I did not book my airline tickets with adequate advance notice, which made an excellent excuse to try and alternative mode of transport!  Travel by rail.  How old fashioned and fun. […]

Welcome to the New NuWAY Website

Hello! And welcome to the new NuWAY Burgers website. We’ll be sharing our monthly specials, highlighting some of the history of our restaurant and featuring some of the amazing fans and die-hard Crumbly supporters. In the meantime, be sure check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.