Monthly Archives: September 2011

Final Friday on Commerce Street – Art and Drinks

Today is Final Friday and the weather is great!  Tonight on Commerce Street – in the downtown Arts District where Final Friday began – there are several galleries open and there is another Temporary Entertainment District! You may have thought that TED was just an internet thing for techno-geeks with spreadsheets: But NO!  Once […]

Happy Birthday Old Town!

Happy Birthday Old Town! This weekend marks the ‘unofficial’ 20th birthday of Wichita’s Old Town — way to go Wichita!  Transformed by a handful of truly brave and visionary people, Dave Burk, Rich Vliet and Gary Streepy did a great job all those years ago and it is a wonderful thing for everyone in Wichita […]

Review of Shakespeare in the Park’s “Troilus and Cressida” — Go See It!

“In fair Riverside, where we lay our scene”…. I went last night with a friend to see the first night of the fall edition of Wichita Shakespeare Company’s Troilus and Cressida at Riverside Park.  Go see it.  Ars longa, vita breva.  The story is of two young lovers caught in the midst of war and […]